Good Corporate Governance

an agreement document between the Board of Directors and Commissioners

      Board Manual is an agreement document between the Board of Directors and Commissioners which explains the standard working relationship in carrying out duties. Its purpose is to create a professional, transparent, effective, and efficient corporate governance by upholding integrity and honesty while running the business. By applying the Board Manual in the working relationship of both Company Organs, a harmonious Company business activity could be conducted in accordance with the Good Corporate Governance basis to achieve the stipulated Company Vision an Mission.   


     The Company’s Board of Directors (BoD) is the organ fully responsible for running the Company to achieve its purposes and objectives, and for representing the Company within and outside the court based on the Company’s Articles of Association. Therefore, Board Manual governs BoD related issues concerning with Requirements and Composition, BoD Introduction and Develompment porgram , Independent BoD, tasks and duties of BoD, BoD Authorities and Rights, BoD Position Ethics, BoD Meetings, BoD Performance Evaluation, BoD Organs covering Internal Audit and Corporate Secretary explained in detail on Chapter II of this Board Manual.


     Company’s Board of Commissioner (BoC) is the organ in charge of general and particular monitoring in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, and providing advice to the BoD in running the Company management.


     BoC-related arrangement is regulated in detail in Chapter III including the Requirements and Composition, Tasks and Duties, Authorities and Rights, Position Ethics, BoC Meetings, BoC Performance Evaluation and BoC organs comprising the Audit Committee and Secretary of the Board of Commissioners.
Board Manual also regulates the working relationship of BoD and BoD. In accordance with Law no. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company and Badak LNG Articles of Associates, the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners are the Company organs in the Company management. Therefore, a harmonious working relationship between the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners are required in running the Company. Principally, BoD is responsible for managing the Company, while BoC is responsible for the supervision of  the Company management.

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