Good Corporate Governance

Badak LNG consistently implements the GCG principles in the Company management.



Badak LNG consistently implements the GCG principles in the Company management. As one of GCG principle implementations, Badak LNG prioritizes the stakeholders’ interests based on the fairness and equity basis.


Whistleblowing system by Stakeholders is one of the protection enhancement efforts to assure Stakeholders’ rights related with the Company as well as to increase trust and reputation of the community toward Badak LNG.

Badak LNG management ensures that the work-environment is always in comfortable situation and condition while upholding honesty and justice as well.

Whistleblowing system is a media to report any harmful practices such as fraud, dishonesty,corruption, violation of law and regulation, unethical conducts or any conducts contradicted with Badak LNG Code of Condutswhich may lead negative impacts toward Company’s image and work-environment.


Any identity of the whistleblowing report will be kept confidential dan protected by the Company. By making the report means preserving the assets and preventing loss to the Company.


Badak LNG management does appreciate the active participations in establishing condusive work-environment and healthy business atmospherefor the sake of the Good Corporate Governance implementation.


The written whistleblowing report can be given in hand delivery to the Company c.q. Ethics Committee (to the Internal Audit Department), via facsimile, or mail to the Company:



PT Badak NGL

att. to Ethics Committee

Jl. Raya Kutai Bontang 75324, East Kalimantan – Indonesia

Phone : +62548 – 55 - 1490

Fax : +62548 – 55 - 2170

Email :


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