Good Corporate Governance

Principles of Good Corporate Governance

PT Badak NGL conducts Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation pursuant to the principles of Transparency, Accountability, Rerponsibility, Independency and Fairness (TARIF) which can be broadly described as follows:


To maintain objectivity in running the business, the Company provides material and relevant information which is easily accessible and understood by Stakeholders. The Company takes the initiative to reveal not only the issue/problem that required by regulation, but also the important matter for decision-making by Shareholders and Stakeholders.


The Company is responsible for its performance transparently and fairly. Therefore, the Company’s business management is conducted correctly, measurable and in accordance to the Company’s interests while taking into account the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. Accountability is a necessary prerequisite for achieving sustainable performance.


The Company complies to regulations and implementing responsibilities towards society and the environment in order to maintain sustainability of the business for long terim and recognized as a good corporate citizen.


To accelerate the implementation of corporat governance principles, the Company is managed independently so that every Company’s organ does not dominate each other and may not be intervened by other parties.


In conducting its activities, the Company always pay attention to the interests of Shareholders and other Stakeholders pursuant to the principles of equality and fairness.