Good Corporate Governance

Principles of Good Corporate Governance

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) begins with the Management's commitment and the entire range of the Company to produce the best as a world-class natural gas industry.


The comprehensive and consistent implementation of GCG by PT Badak NGL both nationally and globally is the key to the success of the Company. PT Badak NGL, among others, succeeded in achieving Gold PROPER with the best value nationally and becoming the first oil and gas company in the world to achieve the highest predicate in the implementation of SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) management system through the assessment of ISRS (International Sustainability Rating System) 8 Level 8.


In addition, PT Badak NGL has also been increasingly recognized as the Center of Excellence in the natural gas processing industry of the world.

The implementation of GCG internationally best practice by PT Badak NGL shall not be separated from the foundation of comprehensive and effective work rules and guidelines.