Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

The Company has a code of conduct in place that describes the meaning and implementation of values that make up the Company’s work culture in doing business, so as to become a guideline for all the Company’s organs and employees during their interaction with stakeholders. The Code of Conduct consists of the Dos and Donts. They include:


  1. What are allowed and encouraged and what are discouraged or prohibited, related to work ethics (maintaining the work ethos, acting fairly)

  2. Committed to BSMART

  3. Confidentiality of information (uphold confidentiality of all data and information, record data and reports)

  4. Management of the Company’s assets

  5. Integrity (avoiding conflict of interest and abuse of power)

  6. Receiving of gifts/gratifications

  7. Political activities

  8. Environmental concern

  9. Drug and alcohol abuse

  10. Business competition

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