To maintain smooth and reliable production and shipping operations, PT Badak NGL has established safety & environmental control programs, to monitor and Improve all aspects of It's perfomance. All the employees and families have participied In the Implementation of these programs to Increase awareness to safety, oocupational health and environment control.


The Company’s commitments to Safety, Health, Environmental  Protection, Quality Control and security

  1. Prevention of all accidents, incidents, fire incidents/ explosions, occupational illness, pollution and off specification product and security trouble that can result in damage to the Company’s reputation and property, injury to those who are working for the Company, and the adverse effect to the environment and the surrounding community.  
  2. Comply with all rules, relevant regulations, and other applicable standards of Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, Quality Control and Security.      
  3. Developing and maintaining a culture that strives toward a safe and health, high environmental protection, quality control, security and customer satisfaction values. 
  4. Continually improving the Safety and Health Management, Environmental Management and Quality Management Systems.   
  5. Maintaining good relationships and harmony with those who are working for the Company and with the neighboring community.   
  6. Safety is everybody’s responsibility and line management is directly accountable for preventing injuries and occupational illnesses, pollution and off specification product and poor services as well as the security trouble.

PT Badak NGL has obtained a number of acknowledgements and certificates from both national and international institutes for Work Safety and Health such as ISO 14001 accreditation, Safety Award from British Safety Council (UK), National Safety Council (USA), and Zero Accident from the Government of Republic of Indonesia as well as ISO 9001 version 2000 for Quality Management System.


PT Badak NGL has established safety & environmental control programs