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Research & Development


Lean Gas Study

Starting on May 2017, Badak LNG has received new lean gas supply which comes along with a lot of plant operational challenges. Badak LNG successfully processed this lean feed gas supply with the safe, reliable, and efficient plant operation by implementing any kind of plant adjustment, and plant optimization. Badak LNG is ready for sharing this challenging experience to the world.


Dual HHV

The new Lean gas supply to Badak LNG Plant raises an issue of LNG HHV reduction which potentially may not be able to meet the existing contract specification. Badak LNG successfully managed this condition by transforming the plant operation from single LNG HHV production to Dual HHV production with two LNG product quality which is the first in the world.


Mini Pilot Plant LNG

Badak LNG do some research to develop Mini LNG Pilot Plant as the strategic project to catch the future business opportunity for processing natural gas in the
small gas field spread throughout Indonesia area.


Hybrid Power Plant

Supporting the Indonesia government program in renewable energy, Badak
LNG has initiated the small scale hybrid renewable energy project. The small scale hybrid renewable energy is the combination of Wind Power and Solar Panel with total capacity is 2,000 W.