LNG Center of Excellence

Badak LNG has been experienced in managing a wide range of diverse plant operations since the pre-start up (commissioning or start-up plant), operating the plant, doing plant maintenance, and managing the safety, health, and environmental (SHE) management system. Badak LNG also has world-class fire training ground facilities and has been utilized by many other both local and international energy companies.




Besides having professional personnel as the main facility, Badak LNG has been supported by various physical facilities which support operational activities such as idle LNG plant, large scale industrial workshop (machinery, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and welding), OTS simulator training operator, accredited laboratory, training room, dockyard, dormitory, hospital, as well as Bontang – Balikpapan transportation facility with charter plane.


As a recreational facility, Badak LNG has been fully equipped with a variety of sports facilities, such as swimming pool, fitness center, 18 hole golf course, 6 lane bowling facilities, sport pitches (soccer, basketball, soft ball, tennis, badminton) as well as marine leisure facilities ​​such as sailing and diving.

Badak LNG also completes the ability of its instructors by engaging them on a set of courses to earn certificates as professional instructors. The certificates acquired are from British OPITO and from BNSP (National Professional Certification Board).


With numerous capabilities, since 2006 Badak LNG has been providing services to several other LNG companies both domestic and overseas.


In the pre-start-up and start-up areas, Badak LNG has provided the following services:

• Sending 7 Operators and Engineers to the Statoil LNG Plant in Snohvit, Norway for 11 months.

• Sending 24 Operators and Engineers to Angola LNG Plant, in Soyo, Angola for 4 years.

• Sending 30 Operators and Engineers to the Tangguh LNG Plant in West Papua, Indonesia for 3 years.


In addition, Badak LNG also provides services in the areas of maintenance and technical assistance as follows:

• Sending 11 operators to Angola LNG plant, in Soyo, Angola, for 2 years

• Repairing the Main Cryogenic Heat Exchanger (MCHE) at the Yemen LNG plant, in Balhaf, Yemen.

• Working on Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for INPEX's LNG Abadi project in Masela, Maluku.

• Helping Saipem work on Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the Tangguh LNG Train 3 project.

• Working on Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of TIMOR GAP LNG Plant, in Dili, Timor Leste.

• Doing Pre-Commissioning work on RFCC projects owned by PT Pertamina in Cilacap.


Badak LNG also provides training to various energy companies as follows:

• Training of 60 prospective Operators & Technicians from Tangguh LNG in Bontang, for 3 years.

• Training of 6 Engineers from Statoil LNG, Norway in Bontang, for 2 weeks.

• Training of 60 Operators & Technicians from Yemen LNG in Bontang, for 6 months.

• Training of 60 operators from PT DS LNG in Bontang, for 1 year.

• Training of 5 Operators for LNG Fire Training from Total Paris in Bontang, for 1 week.

• Training of 6 Engineers from KOGAS Korea, in Bontang, for 2 weeks.

• Training of 6 Engineers from JGC Japan, in Bontang, for 2 weeks

• Training of 6 Engineers from Chiyoda Japan in Bontang, for 2 weeks.

• Training of 12 Marketing Group from Mitsui Japan in Bontang, for 2 weeks (2 batch).

• As well as training several personnel from several companies, for a set of training fields such as BP, GD LNG, Pertamina, Pertamina Gas, Nusantara Regas, KPC, ITM, PGN, Medco Energi, and VICO.


The experience of the Badak LNG greatly need to be disseminated so that new plant to be built will not be forsaken. As a result, Badak LNG began providing experience and services to the new plant that it desires.