Jun 29, 2015 3:54:00 PM

Experience & Expertise

Badak Learning Center and Operation & Maintenance Services (BLC and O & M) have been intended to become the main gateway for PT Badak NGL to share 40 years more experience of LNG business with our customers.


BLC has favorably contributed to international companies desired to prepare operators, maintenance technicians, security officers, emergency and rescue workers, laboratory technicians and other key positions to operate and maintain LNG plants. Badak Learning Center provides a variety of training to clients as needed.


Learning Program

BLC provides qualified learning programs to produce professional workers in operating and maintaining the LNG plant. Through the learning programs are as follows:

  1. Professional operator of the plant, capable of performing tasks for startup, shutdown and normal operation:
  • LNG Process Train Area
  • LNG and LPG Storage & Loading Area
  • Utilities Area
  1. Skilled and experienced maintenance technicians:
  • Mechanical Stationary Equipment
  • Mechanical Rotating Equipment
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Electrical
  1. Fire Brigade and Emergency Response Personnel have been fully prepared to handle hydrocarbons and LNG-induced fires as well as rescue and evacuation techniques.
  2. Technicians and also laboratory analysts are the responsible ones for production and quality control processes in accordance with standard procedures
  3. Production managers who are able to do production planning, shipping scheduling, measurement and calculation