Kalimantan is one of the largest islands in the world with extraordinary biodiversity. A variety of flora and fauna can be found in this sustainable forest area. One type of flora that is interesting to learn is orchids. Orchids are scattered throughout the forests of Borneo and considered as one of the most diverse flower species.  There are a lot of orchids which considered endemic or can only be found in the equatorial forest. Illegal hunting for private collections and illegal land clearing are giving a real threat to the survival of orchids in Kalimantan. Badak LNG understands the importance of orchid conservation and their sustainability status in nature. Therefore, through the orhid park, Badak LNG seeks to preserve various types of orchids and to make this park an educational center for the community in Bontang, especially for students.




Here is the trend of Anggrek Hitam in Badak LNG's orchid park.




Orchid cultivation and pollination at Badak LNG's orchid park.



Badak LNG has committed to maintain the biodiversity program by continuing to improve the cultivation of endemic plants in East Kalimantan, namely Anggrek hitam (Coelogyne pandurata). A total of 2,945 Anggrek hitam has been cultivated by Badak LNG as a form of conservation efforts in the East Kalimantan region.