Badak LNG monitors planktons and benthos in three different locations i.e. outlet of Cooling Canal, West Berbas Pantai, and Cooling Water Intake. Plankton identified from the results of monitoring are phytoplankton type which are divided into Bacillariophyceace and Cyanophycheae. Meanwhile, zooplankton type consists of Chlorophyceae.


The average diversity index value obtained from the monitoring result on the lowest diversity index value occurs in June 2018 with good criteria. In June 2018, species that live at the outlet of the cooling canal are Oscillatoria sp, Peridinum sp, Ulotrix eaqualis, and Euchlanis sp. For the West Berbas Beach and cooling water intake, the identified plankton is Oscillatoria sp, Peridinum sp, and Trachelomonas sp.