Mangrove & Coastline


Crabs maintain the balance of the ecosystem and play an important role in mangrove areas. Leaves that are eaten by crabs and removed in faeces form, have been shown to break down faster than leaves that are not eaten. This causes the energy turnover process to run fast in mangroves. The presence of crab holes, is indirectly able to reduce the level of toxic mangrove soil (lack of oxygen). These holes help the process of air exchange in the mangrove soil.


Mangrove crabs that usually found when the tide is low is a Crab with one big claws that are part of Ocypodidae Family. The charactheristic of this crab is a bigger body shape and various color. While the parasite of the mangrove tree are the crab that has a pair claws and herbivore one is a Sesarma/Episesarma Genus.