Conservation Forest is in situ conservation area. Badak LNG invests a lot of effort to preserve it from deforestation.

Conservation Forest Flora

Conservation forest in Badak LNG is a home to many exotic and eyecatching East Kalimantan flora. From the common vegetation to the rarest and protected trees, all of those chlorophyll bearing organism are united to form a sustainable environment, providing complex food web mechanism and beneficial to a lot of local fauna. Riped fruits are consumed by primates (monkeys or orangutan), some young leaves from ferns are herbivore mammals favourite diet, and tall trees could be used for protection and safe hiding place for some bird species. On the forest floor, various shrubs and herbs growing densely, even young seedlings from old and ancient trees can be found sprouting on particular sites. The tropical climates are favourable to them and canopy-filtered sunlight are the best for germination process. Even though conservation forest is located near industrial site, it is remain undisturbed and fully guarded by the commitment from Badak LNG.


Some species of trees in this forest are labeled protected and threatened in their habitat (outside of Badak LNG’s conservation forest area). The main threads for those trees area illegal poaching, over exploitation, wildfire, and land conversion. Shorea species are facing the over harvesting on their valuable timber and to make it even worse, the illegal harvesters never think about replanting and leaving no juvenils behind. In the worst case scenario, if this actions become sporadic, in no time Shorea will face extinction.

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