Community Development History

In its commitment to the surrounding environment, PT Badak NGL has organized environmental development programs, covering infrastructures, education, health, religious, youth, sport, support for the handicapped, poverty elevation, community empowerment and business opportunity. The surrounding people may enjoy the facilities, infrastructures being developed, as well as bridges and fishermen wharf construction.

Donation for education and research are distributed through scholarships for Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School students through out Bontang City and the students of University of Mulawarman, State Polytechnics and Samarinda Agricultural

The care of PT Badak NGL on health issues is increasingly implemented. It its reflected from health service activity in relative underdeveloped villages. Promotion about narcotics and hazardous drugs is other term of health activity which are routinely implemented. Besides, one unit ambulance each for Tanjung Laut and Bontang Baru Community Health Centers were provided, as well as the development of Posyandu (Community Integrated Health Service) building at Kadere Bay, Sekambing Village.

In implementing the empowerment of community economic potential, a cooperation has been organized with National Family Plan


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