Moving Forward with Society

For over 4 decades of operation, Badak LNG has become an integral part of Bontang society. Badak LNG has consistently played an active role in community development through CSR programs known as COMDEV (Community Development). Currently, Comdev Badak LNG program is increasingly aimed at creating self-reliance and empowerment of both economic and social society.


One of the keys to the success of Badak LNG is the characteristic of community development programs that are also related to environmental conservation. The key lies in achieving environmental excellence has been the creation of shared values.

Since 2011, these programs have not only been charity, but also succeeded in creating a value based on multi-stakeholder collaboration so that monitoring from various aspects has been able to support the sustainability of the community development programs undertaken




Becoming the World-class reference in the implementation of corporate social responsibility



Implementating an independent and environmentally-sound community empowerment program, and taking an active role in community development that will ultimately create shared value for stakeholders