CSR Program

Community Empowerment Programs


Community empowerment surrounding the Company’s operating environment is PT Badak NGL’s main activity in terms of corporate social responsibility. In line with the role of PT Badak NGL as a world class company, character building and skilled human resources (HR) are the key to the success of the Company. In 2018, PT Badak NGL has 23 programs for empowerment spread across various business sectors, with its flagship programs including the following:


  • Knowledge House
    “Knowledge House” is a facility that represents PT Badak NGL and contains information about the Company’s activities, both operationally and in its CSR. Knowledge House has a number of facilities that can be accessed by the public, including a mini cinema, LNG plant mockups, libraries, and snack pits that sell various products of PT Badak NGL trained partners. At present, Knowledge House is managed by one of the independent partner groups, KOCIBU.
  • Bontang Kuala Ecotourism
    Moving in the field of tourism, this comdev program combines the potential that exists in Bontang Kuala with the concept of community empowerment. In 2018, PT Badak NGL developed attractions by adding Floating Homestay facilities. Other attractions contained in the program include the Dutch river travel, snorkeling, Bontang Kuala historical tours, mangrove adoption, and coral reef adoption.
  • Coastal MSMEs
    The Coastal MSMEs Program targets to empower women and their potential through productive activities. In 2018, the Coastal MSMEs program fosters eight seafood processing groups, including fish chips, fish skin chips, processed seaweed, and mangrove preparations. In addition to being sold in a number of shops in Bontang City, the product from the Coastal MSMEs program becomes souvenir for Company guests in particular and the Bontang community in general.
  • Floating Cottage
    This program is the development of a grouper aquaculture program. Through Floating Cottage, the trained partners process their sea products, both in the form of direct catches and from cultivation in cages, into a unique culinary coast. The program also works with groups of fishermen outside of PT Badak NGL’s trained partners as providers of fish and transportation so that the beneficiaries are more extensive
  • Selangan City
    As one of the sea villages in Bontang City, Selangan has the potential to be developed into a tourist destination. Through the Comdev program, PT Badak NGL develops this potential into “Selangan City”, a marine tourism program utilizing the potential of the local community and local wisdom. Until 2018, PT Badak NGL has provided group assistance, tourism management training, water electrolysis training, and infrastructure assistance such as dock renovations. The attractions that tourists can enjoy here include snorkeling, coastal culinary, and looking for shellfish.
  • Dayak Tourism Bontang
    This program is a form of PT Badak NGL’s concern for local culture. Centered in Lamin Dayak (Dayak traditional house) Bontang, Dayak Bontang Tourism empowers the Dayak community to develop its tourism potential with attractions such as music and dance performances, selling souvenirs, and information about Dayak and its sub-tribes.