CSR Program


One of the pillars of CSR / community Development that is offered is charity, which is an activity carried out by the company to provide voluntary assistance to someone or group in need. This activity is usually in the form of providing assistance for maintenance costs for the community and support event activities.

In conducting this charity activity, Badak LNG first conducts an assessment or assessing the feasibility of providing assistance. several things that Badak LNG consider when doing charity are :

  • Distance between community groups and companies (if in Ring 1 then more prioritized)
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • The effect of providing assistance for company.


As well as infrastructure assistance, Badak LNG Charity’s Program has also progressed over time and also in coordination with the Bontang City Government. That is more emphasis on programs that support sports development, youth, cultural arts and religious communities to help the government in increasing human resources in the Bontang City area.

Then to make a program in the field of sports development, youth, cultural arts and religious need the following analysis :

  • Establish a regular / continuous community communication forum Badak LNG
  • Providing limited assistance both in physical form and activities
  • Fostering one of the leading sports
  • Sponsor local and national sporting events
  • Assistance with renovation of houses of worship