At the beginning of the establishment of Badak LNG in Bontang around the 1970s, the initial phase of the CSR program undertaken by Badak LNG was infrastructure development. Various active infrastructures have been built by Badak LNG to facilitate community access, for example roads, markets, hospitals, and various other public facilities. Then in the next phase that is when Bontang has formed an Administrative City, the role of the Badak LNG in City development is more on the development of its human resources through the empowerment and capacity building program.


Currently in developing infrastructure in Bontang, the Badak LNG is coordinating with the Government and the people of Bontang City through Bapelitbang. In the preparation of the CSR / Comdev work program, Bapelitbang formed a CSR forum aimed at coordinating between companies in Bontang in carrying out the program. The purpose of this CSR forum is to coordinate with each other so that there are no overlapping programs, and to make the distribution of program beneficiaries real.

The implementation of Badak LNG’s CSR programs in infrastructure are divided into 2 (two) activities:

  • Project
    This assistance is given in ready-made form. The work is carried out entirely by Badak LNG and the recipient is not involved in the work. For example, road construction and posyandu
  • Participation
    This assistance is given in financial and material forms that are participatory. The Badak LNG monitors the use of the funds provided by directly observing the site and requesting reports on work activities. For example the construction of communal toilets as support KOTAKU (City without Slums).

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