Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) is a system that has existed in Badak LNG since 1996. This system has been designed to solve work problems in the work unit and pour ideas into the concept of PDCA (Plan Do Check Action) & DELTA (Eight Steps Seven Tools) continuously on an ongoing basis.

In this type of application, CIP has been distinguished by the number of people involved. If it is executed by 1-2 people from the same work unit then it will be called Individual Improvement (I-Prove), if it is carried out by 5-7 people from the same work unit then it will be named with Functional Team Improvement (FT-Prove) and if it is by 7-10 people from different work units (cross department) then it will be called Project Collaboration Improvement (PC-Prove).

CIP aims to build and enhance value creation, advance the growth of ideas for improvement and innovation, and construct a culture of continuous improvement. Through this CIP, Badak LNG shall perform its functions not only as a company that has been partly responsible for the country's foreign exchange growth through natural gas management, but further than that, Badak LNG also able to appear as a company full of innovations that lead to continuous improvement.

Short-term objectives of Badak LNG CIP activities indeed have been seen to motivate employees, also to improve employee skills in problem solving. With the CIP, increased employee involvement in providing recommendations will occur, solutions to problem solving to the Management and instill awareness of employees about the importance of prevention problems. While for the long term, these innovations will increase production, efficiency and safety so that the company is able to compete with other companies in the LNG business.
With the consistency of refinement that refers to the quality concept of QCDSM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Moral), there will be improvement from various aspects, so that the company can make efficiency as well as improve the effectiveness so that in line with Badak LNG vision “To be a world-class energy company that leads innovation”.

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