Commissioning and Start-up Assistance

Commissioning and Start-Up Assistance

Badak LNG has experience in carry out Commissioning & Start Up Assistance for LNG/Gas Plant for other companies such as Cameron LNG, Freeport LNG, FPU
Jangkrik, and Pertamina RFCC Cilacap.

The Commissioning & Start Up Assistance services that the Badak LNG provides include:

  • Assist client to ensure smooth precommissioning & commissioning process of the plant
  • Assist client to conduct plant start-up safely
  • Provide advisory during commissioning or startup process to avoid re-work and the process runs smoothly
  • Write commissioning procedure as well as safe and reliable start-up and shutdown procedure.

The Operational Readiness

The Operational Readiness stage is related to some preparations prior to pre commissioning, which is divided in to:

  1. Policy aspects, i.e. philosophy, HR & maintenance issues, commissioning strategies, and division of authority between EPC contractor and project owner.
  2. Technical aspects, i.e. the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) derived from policy aspects.

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